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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zionist Hypocritical Personality

Of course, in the long run, Trump has no chance since the Zionist powers-that-be are aligned against him. But he has stirred up something, and it might not go away for some time.
Obviously, the main issue is Jews vs Trump. Trump isn't anti-Jewish but he is not solely Jew-centric, and this upsets Jews. Jewish Neocons think GOP exists to serve Jewish and Zionist interests first and foremost.
We hear all these Jews complaining about how Trump is all about the Authoritarian Personality and Paranoid Style in American Politics, but this is rather amusing coming from Jews, the most authoritarian(even totalitarian) and paranoid people in the world. Jews see Hitler everywhere. Every time there is someone in the world they don't like, he is the 'new hitler' and US military must get ready to squash him. Or US must economically sanction and destroy that nation.
Trump's business associates are Jewish. His daughter is married to a Jew and even converted to Jewishness and raised kid as Jew. But he is 'hitler' because he won't give Jews 100% on everything. If Jews say Russia must be destroyed, it must be destroyed. The fact that Trump wants good relations with Russia makes him Hitler. This is rather amusing since Neocon Jews and Obama(tool of Liberal Zionist Jews) worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to topple the government. And US's invocation of human rights is so hollow since it is such close allies with Saudi Arabia, which still practices Medievialism, and with Israel, a nation founded on European Imperialism and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people. Afrikaners imposed separateness but didn't throw blacks out of black lands. If anything, more blacks were attracted to white-ruled South Africa. In contrast, so-called Israel Democracy was made possible only because Jews secured majority status by expelling 800,000 people from Palestine. And West Bank is still under occupation and Israel used horrible violence to crush enemies in Gaza and Lebanon. (US imperialism cynically uses 'democracy' to invade and control other peoples. So, Zionist destruction of Palestinians was justified because... uh... Israel is a democracy and has 'gay parades'. US does this all over the world. Economically or militarily destroys other nations in the name of spreading democracy and 'western values', which now amounts to planting homo flags and flooding the airwaves of other nations with Miley Cyrus concerts. If US wants to wreck another nation, we know how it will play out. US will say it was for 'human rights' and to spread 'democracy'. Yeah, like in Iraq and Libya. And to support 'moderate rebels' in Syria when, in fact, they are just Alqaeda with a new name. But then, US is is the nation that once supported Osama Bin Laden as 'freedom fighter'.)
US cooked up bogus claims against Gaddafi to crush him and destroy Libya but allows Israel to amass 300 illegal nukes and go on occupying and stealing Palestinian land. US thinks it is morally superior and has the right to push the world around because... uh.. lessee... it has 'gay marriage'. Imagine that. So, Russia is Eeeeeeeeeevil because it doesn't have 'gay marriage' and doesn't permit homo paraders to desecrate Red Square that commemorates the sacrifice of 25 million Russians in WWII.
We know that the homo agenda is the proxy of Jewish globalist imperialism. It is funded by Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Harvard, Yale, and etc. dominated by Jewish interests. It is to undermine national cultures and make them easier for globalist penetration. In the US, you will now be destroyed professionally if you express disdain for homosexual lifestyle. That is called 'freedom' and 'tolerance'. Jews are very clever. They gain AUTHORITARIAN control over us but then call it 'freedom' and 'liberty'. We live in a nation where someone cracking a joke about Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner can end up in hot water. And millennials raised by PC helicopter parents no longer value free speech. 70% of millennial freshmen want free speech suppressed if it offends certain favored groups, esp Jews, blacks, and homos. As for Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Muslims, and etc, they can still be bashed since Jews hate them. 
Look how Jewish Neocons are using Poles against Russia, Japanese against China, and the vile Saudis against Iran. The Saudi case shows that the Jewish-Homo campaign is a cynical ploy. If it is so important, why push it on Russia and Japan but not on Saudi Arabia? Because Saudis are close allies of the US. It comes under NO human rights scrutiny. Obama and Hillary, both shills of Jews, call Putin the 'new hitler' even though homosexuality is legal in Russia, but shake hands with Saudi royals who preside over a nation where homos and others can be beheaded for the slightest infraction.
Anyway, just look how Jewish Power and AIPAC pressures all US politicians to pledge to Israel. What do Mitt Romney and Bernie Sanders have in common? They both cheered the mass killing of women and children in Gaza. Even though Jews occupy Palestinian lands, we must make believe Jews are under attack by 'nazi' Palestinians.
Jews are only 2% of population but control so much. But Jews see no problem with that. Jews bitch about how 'white privilege' is unfair and that certain groups are under-represented, but that's all just smoke-and-mirrors to hide the fact that it is Jewish privilege, not white gentile privilege, that is totally out of control. Indeed, white gentile representation in elite colleges is way below the national share of the population. But Jews hide Jewish privilege behind 'white privilege' and then blame white gentiles, indeed as if Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and etc are dominated by Southern hillbillies and Texan cowboys.
And look at the Fed. It's been Jewish controlled for as long as I can remember. This Yellen is yet another Jew, and she got some guy named Fischer, an Israeli to boot, to work alongside her. Now, if someone noticed that there are 'too many Jews', Jews would scream antisemitic. But these Jews always bitch about 'too many whites'. The Hypocritical Style of Jewish Politics is incredible. And it is Ethno-Authoritarian, predicated on the notion that the 2% should rule over the 98%. Jewish attitude toward Americans is like British attitude toward Indians during imperialism. The small minority should rule over the rest. Yet, Jews bitch about Authoritarian Personality. Talk about projection!
Neocons are a small percentage of the Republican Party, but they insist that GOP serve Zionism and Jewish centrism above all. Talk about authoritarian, or even totalitarian, personality.
Hillary is supposed to be a 'progressive', but she turns her nose up at Palestinians who still live under occupation because she takes money from Goldman Sachs. And so-called 'progressive' Jews find nothing wrong with Jews getting special favors from Hillary and other whore politicians.
But if you notice Jewish power, you end up like Rick Sanchez or Helen Thomas(whose great sin was having said that European Zionist imperialists should go back to Europe. Why is that offensive? Was Gandhi wrong when he said Brits should go home? Was Ho Chi Minh wrong when he said Americans should go home? Were the Algerians wrong when they said French imperialists should go home?) Jews bitch about authoritarian McCarthy, but McCarthy was around for just few yrs. Jewish authoritarianism that destroys careers and silences voices never goes away.
It should be obvious that Jews were never about free speech. They just invoked it to gain power. It was all about SPEECH CONTROL. When Wasps had speech control, Jews resented it because they wanted it for themselves. So, Jews invoked 'free speech' to weaken and undermine wasp power. But once Jews gained the power, they began to silence and destroy everyone they didn't like.
This is classic Jewish Authoritarian Personality in action.
GOP welcomed Neocons into the party, but when Neocons took power, they purged everyone they didn't like. They acted just like the Bolsheviks.
Yet, these Jews bitch about how OTHER people suffer from 'authoritarian personalities'.
So, what Jews really wanted was not free speech for all but free speech as temporary weapon to gain power of speech control. Now that Jews got speech control, they wanna shut people down and push European-like laws where people can be fined and jailed for speaking truth to Jewish Power. Jews cleverly use terms like 'hate speech', but of course, they decide what is 'hate speech'. Zionism, an ideology that called for massive ethnic cleansing, Jewish racial consciousness, Jewish nationalism, and ruthless violence against Palestinians is NOT hate speech according to Jews. But if you one notices the truth and says 'Jews control US politicians like so many whores', oh that is 'antisemitic hate speech'. Very very clever.
Now, I think mindless anti-Jewishness is wrong because there are plenty of conscientious and decent Jews. But most Jewish people don't have the power. We have to focus on Jewish Power, and it is evil, corrupt, dishonest, repressive, and exploitative. Just like there were many decent Germans in Nazi Germany but were ineffective against evil Nazi power, there seem to be many good Jews in the US but are ineffective against Jewish Elite Power that is hellbent on spreading wars all over, destroying lives who don't celebrate homosexuality, silencing and purging all critics of Israel and Zionism, the hate ideology of Jewish supremacism against Palestinians.
The evil Powerful Jews in California and Florida are even passing laws banning BDS movement and forbidding anyone associated with it from doing business with the government. Imagine that! And there is total silence about this even in the Liberal Jewish community.
When Jewish power runs amok, it does things like this:
Given what happened to Russia due to globalist Jewish conniving, you would think at least the nice conscientious Jews would try to understand the Russian position and work toward mutual understanding.  stephen Cohen is one such Jew but a rare bird.
Instead, Jews push pussy riot and homo agenda on Russia as part of globalist Zionist-US imperialism, and when Russia pushes it back, Jews cry 'authoritarianism' and 'repression'.
Now, are Russians trying to force Russian Orthodox ideology or Russian nationalism on Americans? NO. Russians just wanna mind their own business. it is the Jewish-controlled US that uses its military and financial and cultural power to force the homo agenda on other nations. So, Jews are the aggressive cultural aggressors but cry 'victim' when other nations say
"No, we don't want this garbage."
While tolerance for homos is a good thing, why would any nation want to celebrate homsexuality? How would Americans like it IF, say, the Chinese were into incest and tried to push 'incest marriage' and 'incest pride parades' on the US and then accused US of being 'new nazis' for not allowing it?
But this is what Jewish globalist imperialists do with the homo agenda. It is a new form of imperialism masked as 'spreading human rights'.
Of course, US is a paragon of human rights because Christian bakers who won't bake cakes for 'gay weddings' are fined, economically destroyed, and sent to jail.
Imagine if incest-lobby forced 'incest marriage' on everyone and then used government to destroy businesses that won't cater to 'incest marriage'.
This homo stuff isn't about equality. It is about homo supremacism promoted by Jews to institutionalize elite minority domination, an idea favored by Jews because Jews are elite minorities in US and EU.
Of course, what I've just written would be called 'hate speech' in so-called bastions of higher education that are supposed to encourage free debate and speaking to power. There is no way to rise up in academia or media unless one kisses the ass of Jewish supremacist power. No matter how respected your reputation, if you displease Jews, you are finished and will end up destroyed and lonely like Helen Thomas. No one came to her aid when she was destroyed for speaking up for her ethnic brethren.
American moral logic goes as follow:
If a Jew says "It was great for European Jews to drive out indigenous Palestinians and grab the land and force Palestinians to live under Jewish occupation", he or she is showered with prizes and given a seat at Harvard, Goldman Sachs, and the Fed.
If an Arab-American says, "European Jews who stole land from Palestinians should return the land and go back to Europe", he or she is destroyed on the spot, and no one come near him or her lest they be destroyed for 'guilty by association'.
Yet, Jews bitch about how OTHER people suffer from 'authoritarian personality' disorder.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Problems of Homomania

Homosexist Supremacism is crime against Moral Freedom, the freedom to be moral & decent and not aid & abet what is gross, foul, wicked, and evil.

The state says you MUST bake the Gay Wedding Cake that associates marriage with the fecal penetration of narcissistic sexual deviants who have the support of Jewish globalist imperialists who use the homo agenda as their proxy.  Jews are the ruling minority elite in gentile nations.  /this makes Jews nervous, so they try to normalize minority elite supremacism by promoting homosexuality as the New Normal and Homomania as the new religion(that must even invade and take over churches).

Russians must never surrender their Moral Freedom to Homosexist imperialism.

Homosexist Supremacists are not content to have the freedom to indulge in gross, deviant, and foul acts of fecal penetration and mutilating sexual organs for purposes of 'changing' sexes.

They want to take away your MORAL FREEDOM to not involve yourself in their degenerate behavior.
So, marriage has been turned into a decadent institution to serve the vanity of homos, women's restrooms & showers have been turned into place for men with wigs & dresses, and decent bakers must be fined and driven out of business because they refuse to believe that a homo's fart/poop hole is the equivalent of a woman's vagina that births life.

Homosexist narcissism isn't about the freedom to be homo and do homo things.  It is about the homos taking away the right of Moral Freedom from those who refuse to see homomania and transmania as healthy moral/cultural developments.

Homosexist narcissists say a man's fart-hole is no less a sex organ as a vagina.

If that is so, this must be sweet music and shit must be equal to a baby.

'Gay marriage' is anti-true marriage since it equates perverted 'sex' among homos with real sex between men and women that makes natural sense and produces life. 'Gay marriage' also argues that a homo's fecal anus is the 'sexual' equivalent of a woman's vagina that produces life. It's an insult to womanhood, esp considering the pain a woman goes thriugh in child birth.
Equating homosexuality and real sexuality is like equating evolution with creationism in the name of 'science equality'. In fact, creationism is bogus. Pro-creationists might argue that they are for the equal teaching of both instead being against evolution, but when falsehood is made equal with truth, it is anti-truth. The idea that homosexuality has equal value with real sexuality between men and women is like saying a lie is worth the same as truth. Why is a penis being smeared with fecal matter of equal value with a penis fertilizing the egg in the female organ?

EQUALITY doesn’t mean that perversion is equal to decency. It doesn’t mean that two guys indulging in fecal penetration are doing something of equal biological and moral value as man and woman having real sex. As marriage has biological and moral value, it makes no sense to pretend that homosexuality and trans-genderism have equal value with true sexuality.

If everything should be hailed as ‘equal’, then teach Creationism in schools in the name of SCIENCE EQUALITY. Don’t ‘discriminate’ against Creationists.


Promote voodoo medicine in the name of ‘medical equality’. Don’t use ‘Euro-centicism’ to ‘privilege’ Western empirical medicine over non-white supernatural medicine. That’s ‘racist’.


There are so many circles of lies here.

It goes to show that the search for truth can slide into a cesspool of lies.

There used to be a time of undue panic about homos. People sought all sorts of ‘scientific’ reasons to treat it as a mental sickness.

But then, it was realized that homos are just born that way, and there was nothing that can be done about it.

So, the idea was that homos should be allowed to do their homo things.
Still, it was understood that homo stuff was biologically useless, gross, and/or ridiculous because factually it is. Fecal penetration among men indeed.

There was truth all around: homos are born that way AND homo-ness is a natural abnormality that turns off most people for obvious reasons. So, let homos be homo, but let’s not pretend that it makes biological or moral sense..

But then the lies began, and one lie began to snowball into other lies.

1. We were told that homosexuality is ‘rational’ and ‘natural’–meaning naturally normal than naturally abnormal–, and if you find it gross or weird, you are a ‘homophobe’ suffering from an ‘irrational’ and ‘unnatural’ extreme aversion to something healthy.
In fact, ‘homophobia’ doesn’t exist. People’s aversion to homosexuality is natural. What are unnatural is homomania and homophilia. Indeed, the fact that 24/7 homo propaganda costing billions has to promoted constantly to make us support the agenda is proof of how unnatural homomania is. It’s like North Korea has to push the cult of great leader day in and day out to perpetuate the myth that the fat Kim is a great man. End the propaganda and indoctrination, and people will see him for the pig he is. Turn off the lie machine and people will quickly revert to the truth on the true nature of homosexuality.

2. We were told that homos were pure-as-snow victims of AIDS only because of Reagan’s ‘indifference’ and that the spread of AIDS had nothing to do with wanton homo behavior.

3. We were shown so many homos on TV and in movies that American public began to think that 25% of Americans are homo even though homos are only 2% of the population.

4. We were only shown clean-cut idealized images of homos while anyone who opposed the homo agenda was portrayed as a degenerate pervert. Audiences are shielded for the most part from the gross physical side of homosexuality.

5. We were told that homo agenda is about choice and freedom, but then anyone who uttered anything critical about homosexuality or the homo agenda was shot down, reviled, and attacked.

6. We were told that homo agenda would simply allow homos to their own thing without interfering with our values or institutions. Clinton signed marriage act and Obama voted for religious freedom act. They were both lies and tricks.

7. Homo agenda went from a matter of free choice among homos to mandatory requirement among straight people to not only tolerate homos but to mute their own criticism of homos, then to praise homos, then to celebrate homos, then to worship homos, and then to attack anyone who doesn’t do likewise. In big cities, politicians don’t have a chance unless they attend homo ‘pride’ rallies. It is a mandatory requirement.

Why must straight people grovel and worship homos? What is so great about men porking each other in the fecal hole, or women having ‘sex’ by humping a hole with a hole, or men/women undergoing genital mutilation to become the opposite sex?

8. Then, the homo agenda said that homo should get ‘married’ on the basis that homosexuality is just as ‘naturally’ normal and rational and moral as real sexuality. This led to the crazy notion that ‘two mommies’ or ‘two daddies’ can have kids. We were supposed to pretend that if a lesbian has a man impregnate her, she had the kid with her lesbian lover/wife than with the man.

Lies and lies, but in a corrupt society made up of cowards(who shudder at the feet of Jews who chose homos as their favored allies), even conservatives have kept their mouths shut. While hysterically howling about Israel and Iran, they don’t dare take a strong stand against the homomaniacal policies favored by Liberal Jews and Neocon Jews as well.

9. Then, homos began to infiltrate the churches and turn church after church into swallowing the nonsense that Christianity is compatible with the homo agenda and ‘gay marriage’.

10. People were told the lie that the homo agenda is ‘leftist’ and about helping poor helpless victims when, in fact, it’s been the favored agenda of the oligarchic class that has long appreciated the loyal service of vain and power-hungry homos.


This brings us to a problem. All these lies began with the truth. The truth was homos are born that way, and they can’t do anything about it, so they should be allowed to do their homo things on their own.
So, why couldn’t homos be content with the truth? We accepted that they are born fruity and tolerated their homo stuff among themselves. Why couldn’t it end there?

It’s because we overlooked the homo psychology. By nature vain, narcissistic, hissy, sneering, ooh-lala, whoopity-doo, bitchy, queenie-ish, and snotty, it was never enough for homos to just be tolerated. They have a pagan-god complex and wanna be worshiped as royalty and Adonises. They have personalities of ‘radical will’ that wants to be center of the world.
I mean, just think about it. They are so pushy and deluded that some of them put on women’s dress and makeup and really believe that they look like hot stuff. Indeed, they are so demanding that they insist that WE find them ‘beautiful’ too. Now, it’s become bad form according to PC for us to laugh at and mock trannies who look ridiculous.

We want to accept the truth, but sometimes there’s more to the truth than we may have originally assumed. Even as we accepted the truth of homosexuality, there was a hidden truth that we ignored: that homos have a problem with the truth. i.e. even as we accepted the truth about them(they were born homo and have a tendency to indulge in gross and weird ‘sexual’ behavior), they could not handle the truth about themselves. They wanted to believe the lie that their ‘sexuality’ is biologically the equal of ours, that their ‘morality’ founded on biological lies is not only as good as our morality but even better, indeed to the point where we should get on our knees and bow down before them.
Indeed, the very nature of homosexuality is deceitful. It is a natural lie. Nature produces sexually dysfunctional people such as homos who believe that the male anus is a ‘sex’ organ. It produces men who want their penis removed and fitted with fake vaginas that they believe to be just as good as real vaginas.
Homosexuality produces feelings and mind-sets in homos that prefer the lies about biology.
Homosexuality produces lesbians who rub pooters together and produce no life but then hire a man to become pregnant and then lie to themselves that THEY had the child together.
But then, lies + power = forcing everyone else to swallow the lie as well or else.
As Jews have the power over media and government, they can force or brainwash us all to swallow the lie pushed by homos.

So, what is to be done? I’m not a religious nut who wants to say “God hates fa*s.”
I accept the biological reality/truth about homosexuality, BUT, homos, being vain and egotistical and queenie-meanie, cannot accept the truth of their biology. They not only say that they were born that way(truth) but insist that their ‘sexuality’ is just as normal, valid, and rational as real sexuality is(lie) and that a homo’s anus(that excretes feces) is just as much a ‘sex organ’ as a woman’s vagina that produces life. A tranny’s fake vagina is just as real as a real vagina. And ‘two daddies’ can have kids together. And anyone who disagrees is a ‘homophobe’ with mental problems and is a moral degenerate to boot.

I can accept the truth about homos but homos can’t.

This is the nature of the conundrum:

Suppose someone is a compulsive liar, and we try to make him stop lying. But suppose it turns out that he can’t help it. He was born with the compulsive lying gene. He feels this powerful compulsion to lie and simply can’t stop.
So, we accept the truth and allow him to be a compulsive liar.
Good for everyone, right? He gets to compulsively lie, which he can’t help. And we tolerate the fact that he loves to lie.

No, it doesn’t end there. Being a compulsive liar, he not only lies but insists that he is telling the truth. He then says his lies or ‘truths’ are just as valid as our truths. Then, he accuses us of telling lies and says his ‘truths'(lies) must be favored over our ‘lies'(which is actually the truth).

Now, what would happen if such compulsive liars were to be favored by the rich and powerful(esp the untouchable Jews) who use all their financial, governmental, legal, cultural, and media power to promote the compulsive liars as ‘the greatest truth tellers’ whom we all must all obey? Sheeple can be made to believe in anything through media manipulation and mass education/indoctrination, especially if they’ve been cut off from deeper truths of biology, morality, and culture.

But Cons are to blame too because their ideology has become a big lie. It is based on the false premise that Jews are totally wonderful, the best friends of conservatism and Christianity, and that serving Jews is what conservatism is all about. In truth, Jews have been at the forefront of pushing the homo agenda.

As for the religious right, they can’t accept the truth of evolution and biology, such as that homos are born that way.

Anyway, it’s not enough for us to accept the physical truth. We need to understand the psychological truth. Physical truth is that homos are born that way and that their ‘sexuality’ is biologically worthless and morally dubious(as it is a natural lie).

But there is also the psychological truth that says homos are vain, pushy, bitchy, and can’t accept the truth that their ‘sexuality’ is not equally valid as ours.

For this reason, the acceptance of the truth about homos can lead to a slippery slope of lies because, once homos are given even the slightest bit of legitimacy, they work obsessively to force all of us into believing that EVERYTHING about them is just as good or even better than our sexuality.
So, fecal penetration among men become the equivalent of real sex between men and women.
So, a tranny with fake vagina is as much a real woman as a real woman.
And such stuff are like the ‘rainbow’.

An empire of lies.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The next big ideological-spiritual or ideo-spiritual struggle of the coming decade will be the Homo-Tug-of-War.

The next big ideological-spiritual or ideo-spiritual struggle of the coming decade will be the Homo-Tug-of-War. 

The Zio-Glob has elevated homomania as the new religion of the West. Jews tried it with Holocaustianity, and it is indeed huge, especially in the EU(where every city has a holocaust memorial and every year yields its crop of save-the-Jews movies), but it has had problems. Holocaust is too Jewish, and most nations have no Jews. In contrast, all nations have their share of homos. 

Also, Holocaust is a glum affair. You can't have fun. You can't celebrate it with fanfare. It only guilt-baits and depresses. It's a form of self-flagellation for whites. It doesn't appeal to people in a cheerful way. 

The thing about Christianity is it had its glummy but also happy(even glammy) side. Jesus got killed real bad, but He was resurrected and triumphed, and people could sing songs about it and even dance and celebrate X-mas and Easter. And go shopping.

But the Holocaust is a downer. To be sure, there is the narrative of the postwar triumph of the Jews in the US and Israel. But celebrating the rise of Jewish power is something Jews are nervous about. It will only reveal to the world that JEWS GOT THE POWER and JEWS DO CONTROL THE WORLD. Jews want to hide their power and make everyone believe that privilege is a 'white gentile' thing. Jewish power depends to a large degree on people(esp white people in US, Canada, and EU) feeling sorry for Jews. 

So, Jews celebrate Jewish power by using the PROXY of homo power(or Homoxy) because homomania is essentially the financial and legal creation of Jewish Power.

When Jews see so many American gentiles go gaga about homos, they wink-and-smile at one another and mutter to themselves, "WE got the power over those dumb goyim." 

As for Israel, its rise is truly amazing. It is the superpower in the Middle East. But it is also a matter of great controversy around the world because (1) Third World sees white Jews crushing Palestinians as repeat of Western Imperialism (2) Post WWII Europeans are upset to see the poor darling Jews(associated with Holocaust and Anne Frank) riding tanks and flying jets and 'acting like nazis' and treating helpless Palestinians so badly. Many Europeans, esp on the Left, see the Palestinians are the 'new Jews' living in 'ghetto-like' conditions. 

Unlike Holocaust, homomania has both the sad and happy(or gay) side. There is the homocaust of the AIDS epidemic in the homo community that has conveniently been blamed on "Reagan's indifference" than on the massive fecal penetration orgies in the bathhouses that took place in the 70s and 80s. 

But as homos and trannies are vain, insipid, whoopsy-doo, tutti-fruity, tinkerbelly-poo, prancy pansy, and etc. they love to make dazzling colorful spectacles of themselves. (To me, it's tasteless, vulgar, kitschy, and trashy, but mass spectacles have always been cheesy. When homos were on the fringe and in the closet, they were keen critics of mass culture of kitschy 'bourgeois' and 'mass' normality. Since homos felt alienated from official normality, they presented insights and penetrating critique. Those without power make the best critics of power. But as homos gained prominence, they began to 'camp' it up, and homo creativity & sensibility went from something like Wilde, Proust, and Gide to tasteless celebration of vulgarity and exhibitionism sanctioned, favored, and even enforced by officialdom. And now that homos have the power thanks to Jews, their cultural agenda has become rather like that of Americana kitsch, religious kitsch[of Catholics and Hindus], and communist kitsch of the kind one sees in North Korea. Homos no longer prize irony, irreverence, and skepticism. There was a time when homos had no choice but to be rational, satiric, and critical forces in society since religion, moral, and political dogma were against them. But with homomania as the new cult and religion, homos demand worship, obedience, submission. Homos are to be seen as saints and angels. Homos are like Muslims in this regard --- Gayria is like Sharia --- , and the whole Homomania vs Islam thing is really a religious war. Irony, skepticism, and rationality would call into question the ridiculous notion of a homo-man's bunghole being a sex organ. Is feces the same as fetus then? Is an enema a fecal abortion instead of fetal abortion? Is a man with a penis and balls really a 'woman' because his head goes funny and he says so? Is a fake vagina that replaces severed penis and balls really a real vagina? Really? Homos and trannies demand to be admired, obeyed, and worshiped, so there no longer prize irony, irreverence, and rationality. Homos used to be at the cutting edge of mocking the powers-that-be. Now, they are part of the neo-aristo-globo powers-that-be along with Jews, and they use the cudgel of 'homophobia'[a term that defies any fact or sense even people who hate homosexuality are not 'phobic' about it] to silence anyone who dares to challenge the holy dogma of homo-and-tranny-faith. Homomania will not tolerate heretics possessed by deviltry of 'homophobia' that finds fecal penetration to be gross and men cutting off dicks to get fake vaginas to be ludicrous.)
Homos and trannies indulge in depraved 'sexual' behavior but also romp around kiddie style in Barney the Dinosaur or Teletubbies. There is something childlike about homos, and this may explain the close connection between homo community and pedophile community. It's like Michael Jackson, a homo-pedo, never grew up and preferred the company of kibblers. The effete girly side of homos have a Peter Pan complex and never wanna grow up. They wanna play with dolls all their lives. When you look at homo parades, it's like childplay. It's no wonder that so many kid's movies are now splattered with homo crap. FINDING DORY even has a tranny character from what I hear. No wonder homos are so eager to work with Boy's Scouts. By the way, if homo men should work with young boys in Boys Scouts, should tranny men work with girls in Girl Scouts? Indeed, if gender is 'fluid', why not allow straight men to work in Girl Scouts as well? If homo men who are attracted to males should work with boy scouts, maybe straight men who are attracted to females should work with girl scouts. 

Anyway, if the Holocaust is too tribal(all about Jews) and too much of a bummer, homo stuff has universal relevance because every society has its share of homos and because homo celebration can be 'fun and colorful', like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil. 

Now, if one were to think honestly and clearly of homo and tranny stuff, there isn't much to celebrate, especially if you're not homo or tranny. Homo-ness is about penises up the fecal holes of men. Tranny stuff is about cutting the penis and balls to get fake vaginas. Just search google-image for 'transsexual operation' and the images are sickening and gross. Using scalpels to cut off perfectly healthy organs to get fake appendages is about as sick as medicine can get. It's Frankenstein medical practice. 

But human minds are associative like those of dogs. If you associate 'gay' and 'trans' with rainbow colors, balloons, music, dance, colorful displays, cleancut TV sitcom characters, sappy heart-tugging tear-jerkers, celebrity fame, and furthermore, if you get all the 'respectable' organizations to join in, then people's mind associate homo-ness and trannyness with things that are fun, colorful, respectable, cool, and popular. 

It's like the Pavlov experiment. A bell has NOTHING to do with food, but if you ring a bell when you give dog some food, the dog associates bell with food. 

That's how the mind works among dogs and humans. Associatively. 

Jews understand this, and they manipulate coolness-by-association, correctness-by-association, holiness-by-association, and etc. This is how media work mostly. Media aren't so much about presenting facts as about associating certain facts/issues/matters with positive images, sounds, and symbols while associating certain other facts/issues/matters with negative images, sounds, and symbols. It's the power of association that does the trick. 

It's like the Jew-run media will associate ANY white racial consciousness with Nazism and the KKK. 
On the other hand, even though Jewish spies and agents in America served Stalin the communist tyrant, they are not associated with the Gulag and Stalin's mass killings. They are associated with 'free speech' and 'freedom of association'(victims of evil Joe McCarthy), the very things Jews are trying to take away from white people today via Political Correctness. 
In contrast, Joe McCarthy is associated only with paranoia and madness. McCarthy did over-reach, but history has proven he was more right than wrong. Also, many of those accused by McCarthy did spy for the USSR or work as fellow-travelers, but the Jew-run media associate them only with noble suffering and victimhood than with mass-killer Stalin. But, if McCarthy had been a leftist who smoked out pro-Nazi sympathizers during WWII, you bet the Jew-run media would associate McCarthy with heroic struggle against evil while associating the pro-Nazi spies and fellow-travelers with Hitler's crimes. How is it that Jonathan Pollard was released even though his actions led to the deaths of hundreds of American agents? Because the Jew-run media associate him with selfless devotion to Israel(when, in fact, the dirty son of a bitch acted out of personal greed above all). 

Anyway, Jews have always hated Traditional Christianity. They tried to replace it with Holocaustianity, but Holocaust themes were too tribal and too glum. It has tremendous power to guilt-bait whites and make them kneel before Jews, but people don't want to be depressed all the time. People want to have fun and celebrate. You can't have an Anne Frank parade or Auschwitz musical. 

If Jews want to hook whites onto a new faith, it has to offer fun and uplift. And Jews found it in homomania. Homos sure love to have fun like in an MTV video. 

Catholics had colorful processions like the scene in GODFATHER II. 

Jews have replaced them with the homo 'pride' parades, the biggest celebrations in the West. 

Homomania is now bigger than Christianity. Indeed, even Christianity is bending over to appease homomania(or sodomania), as if to suggest Jesus and Disciples died so that one day homos could 'marry' other homos and play at 'two daddies' or 'two mommies'. 

Look at this ASSOCIATION of Jesus with homomania: 

Jews hate Christianity, but they are warming up to a neo-cucked-Christianity that serves homomania because homomania(or sodomania), like Bolshevism, is a Jewish creation. When neo-Christians serve homomania, they are serving the Zio-Glob. 

In Jew-run America, your career will hardly be touched if you badmouth God and Jesus. But if you dare say anything even slightly critical of homos or trannies, forget about moving up the corporate capitalist ladder or big government ladder. Forget about getting a gig in Hollywood, media, or academia. 

Homomania is the new holy faith of the West. Heretics will be destroyed. Even if you believe homos deserve full equal rights, it is not enough. You will be destroyed if you say you find homo-'sex' to be gross and ewwww. You will be destroyed for saying it is crazy to cut off dicks and balls to get fake pussies. You will be shunned if you insist that Bruce Jenner is a man despite his name-change and embarrassing display of self-delusional narcissism. You will be seen as a heretic.

In the USSR, Jews tried to destroy Christianity by smashing churches(50,000 were destroyed) and killing priests. But that didn't work in the long run. If anything, it made the people hate Jews even more. Today, many Russians support the Church not so much because they are religious(they are not) but because they associate the Churchness with Russianness that has so often been brutalized by Jews. Remember that pogroms killed just thousands of Jews but Jewish communists killed millions of Christian Slavs. 

So, the new Jewish way is to alter the churches from the inside. Don't smash churches, and don't kill Christians. Just infiltrate the church and fundamentally change it from the inside. Corrupt it with homomania or sodomania. Say that homos are the chosen of god and jesus. Pretend that current fashions override anything in the Bible. 

Also, Jews and homos have used crass, shallow, and trashy Pop Culture to cut people off from their own heritage, identity, history, values, roots, and etc. (But then, Jewish children are reminded of their heritage, identity, roots, history, etc. Hollywood and Harvard Jews seek to deracinate all gentiles, but they insist on Jewish Identity and Zionism for themselves.) Make the masses identify mainly with celebrities and fashion. Since Jews control media and promote homos and pro-homo celebrities, homo-ness has become 'cool'. And since homos are not blamed for AIDS epidemic(which was actually spread by massive out-of-control fecal penetration among homo men) but merely presented as poor victims, homo-ness has been turned tragic and holy. Also, the tranny's wish to be made from man into woman is like a decadent narrative variation of resurrection: dying as one 'gender' and being reborn as another, all in the service of narcissism, the core mentality of the culture of celebrity and fashion. 

So, homomania has become the main faith of the West. And since Jews own it, they figure they can manipulate it in myriad ways to serve their own interest. 
One way is by associating homomania with Israel. With Israel coming under more criticism(and even condemnation) from the Left and the non-Western world, Jews associate Israel with 'gay rights' and point out that Muslim World, in contrast, hate and even kill homos. 
This assures Western Liberal support for Israel since there is nothing more dear to Western Liberals than the holy faith of homomania. 
It's like Hillary Clinton justifying the Nakba and the Occupation by praising the Poo-Ride parade in Tel Aviv as one of the biggest in the world. 

(But then, the problem with this narrative is that the Jewish-controlled US also happens to be very cozy with some of the most anti-homo Muslim nations in the Middle East, esp Saudi Arabia. Also, Jewish-controlled US has been most hostile and aggressive toward secular Arab/Muslim nations that, while criminalizing homosexuality, are still far more tolerant of homos & sexual deviants than nations like Saudi Arabia that remains the closet Muslim ally of the US. You were better off as a homo in secular-ruled Syria or Libya than in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Besides, the ISIS and Alqaeda terrorists who caused so much destruction, including against homos, were funded and armed by US and its proxies the Saudis and Turks. Also, even though Tel Aviv may have homo parades, much of religious Israel is zealously hostile to homo culture. All this stuff about the war against terror and radical Islam is a lot of shit. In fact, what Zionists fear most is modernizing secular Arab regimes. Zionists have been willing to work with radical Muslim terrorists as long as such thugs bring down secular Arab regimes in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.) 

The danger for Jews is this: Even though Jews created and control homomania, it might slip out of their hands. After all, Jews created communism but it spun out of control and, in time, became an anti-Jewish force. Stalin and later gentile rulers of Russia became increasingly distrustful of Jews. Eastern European communist nations were initially largely controlled by Jews, but Jews were pushed out by national communists. (And of course, Christianity was initially a Jewish anti-imperialist struggle but became the religion of the Gentile Empire against Jews.) 

To the extent that the West now worships homomania that is associated with Israel and elite globo-privilege(of Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and other industries controlled by the Tribe), Jews can make a killing off homomania. 

And homomania is more useful to Jews than something like communism. 

Jewish power is bound to be elite-minority-power because Jews are a small minority in most nations and because Ashkenazi Jews are smarter than goyim. 

So, communism was bound to work against Jews in the long run. Communism is about the workers, the masses. It is anti-elite. Of course, the communist nations developed their own elites, but because meritocracy, individualism, and minority interests were stifled under communism(that favored the majority mass of workers and their ethnic representatives), amassing power had more to do with connections,sticking to dogma, and machine politics like the kind mastered by the Irish in cities like Boston and Chicago. Under communism, you didn't need special smarts to rise to the top. You had to have the 'correct' attitudes and spout the party line, and that didn't require much brains.  

Stalin gained power like Richard Daley of Chicago. 

In contrast, Jewish power depends on cleverness, brilliance, sneakery, individuality, and etc. Jewish power is concentrated in brainy fields in finance, technology, academia, casinos, law, and etc. 
It's harder for Jews to work against an ethnic-machines that developed in communist nations. 

Consider the case of Browder the globalist-Jewish-oligarch:

(Interesting that he has communist ancestors but turned super-capitalist as capitalism is the surer way to Jewish power and supremacism. As Yuri Slezkine wrote in THE JEWISH CENTURY, American-style capitalism was the best formula for Jewish supremacism.) 

Unlike communism and classic leftism, homomania is intrinsically elitist and minoritarian since homos, like Jews in the US, are only 2% of the population. Also, homos hate 'drabby' and 'ordinary' things and love fancy-pants and precious things. A tranny doesn't want to dress like an ordinary woman. He wants to be a diva-like woman. Look at Bruce 'Caitnlyn' Jenner who competes with Kim Kartrashian. 

A homo has neo-aristocratic flair and whoopity-doo manners. They prance around like French aristos prior to the Revolution. They turn up their noses at people who aren't 'well-dressed'. 

Communism is mass-majoritarian and 'drab'. Eventually, this kind of austere and severe leftism worked against Jews and homos who depend on elite power and privilege. 

So, Jews and homos worked together to remake 'leftism' into a Las Vegas show. 

There was a time when Jewish leftists rooted for the Cuban revolutionaries and Viet Cong warriors. Those fighters seemed puritanical, noble, sacrificing, selfless, and neo-spiritual opposed to decadent and crass materialism of American capitalism. Back then, Jews were into Folk Music and the Appalachian Worker or Poor Negro. 

Jews denounced America's role in Saigon as promoting wanton decadence, corruption, prostitution, degeneracy, and etc. In contrast, the Viet Cong were admired as men and women committed to a great noble cause.

Similarly, the Batista regime in Cuba was mocked as a decadent stooge of capitalist America. It's like in THE GODFATHER PART II. Michael notes that the revolutionaries might win because they are pure of heart. They believe in something whereas the government only cares about money and privilege. And government troops are mere mercenaries who must be paid to fight. In contrast, the rebels will fight for the cause without material reward. They will even give their lives for the cause. 

Michael sort of admires the rebels even though he is a mafia boss involved in big money. It's because the Corleones themselves are not only about money. They believe in clan, family, honor, and etc. And members of the Corleones will put their lives on the line for the Family. Indeed, Michael himself chose to join the Family out of fealty to his father. 

But then, organized crime is ultimately all about money. It's about 'business'. Michael also remembers that when his father got killed, Tom Hagen put 'business' before the 'personal'. And as Michael explains to Tom after the assassination attempt, he says all the men work for money and as such could be bought off by other men. Michael trusts Tom in that instance because Tom was kept out of the loop in earlier dealings. Paradoxically, Michael can trust Tom right then & there precisely because he couldn't trust Tom in other times. 

Anyway, Jews have become very very rich. Jews are 2% of US population but they constitute 43% of the top 1%. So, Jews are no longer romanticizing the spartan communist warrior or some such. Jews now fear majoritarian themes of the workers with pitchforks(which is why they loathe Trump). Jews now fear Classic Leftism. After all, communism brought down Jewish Power. And the European Socialist Left is highly critical of American financial power(that is essentially Jewish and Zionist). 

So, Jews worked with homos to remake Leftism into a celebration of elite urban minority privilege and decadence. Indeed, homo parades look very like the kind of capitalist debauchery that was so common in Batista's Cuba. The flamboyance, narcissism, vanity, excess, piggishness, raunchiness, degeneracy, and etc. 

What we have now is Hyman-Roth-Leftism. Notice that even the Republican big-shots Sheldon Adelson and Koch brothers are enthusiastic about 'gay marriage'. They know that emphasis on homomania distracts people from issues of economic inequality, especially as the fancy-pants homos love to dilly-dally with the rich and famous. It's Elton-John Leftism. To be 'progressive' means to sing hosannas to Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner, the darling of Hollywood and MTV. Even Donald Trump sings hosannas to holy homos. After the Orlando Massacre, he posed as the White Knight protecting homos and trannies from the 'Muzzies'.

Jews figure that the new 'leftism' that favors urban decadent privilege will destroy the Classic Leftism of the Workers and Majority Power forever. All the top talents in elite institutions of media and academia and government will all bow down to the holy homo. And since Jews control homomania, the worship of the homo will essentially be worship of the Jew. 

But... there is a problem. 
If indeed homomania is the new religion of the West, what will happen if homomania were to be taken out of Jewish hands? What if homomania becomes associated with the Palestinian cause and forces that are critical of Jewish Power? 

What if homomania becomes more like European 'leftism' that is far more hostile toward Israel? 

In Europe, homos and Muslims don't see eye to eye, but both are mostly on the 'left'. 

As such, Muslims will work with homos, and homos will work with Muslims. 

The difference between homos in EU and homos in US is that the former are far less reliably pro-Israel. Indeed, part of the appeal of homomania in the EU(especially before 'gay marriage' made its way in the US) was that many EU leftists saw it as a form of anti-Americanism. Europeans had this idea of Americans as religious zealots and pro-Zionist nutjobs. Therefore, many on the EU left defined themselves by anti-Zionism and pro-homo-ism. In their minds, US Empire = Israel-worship and anti-homo Christianity. 

It must have been a bummer for EU leftards to see US as homomanical too. What EU fools failed to understand was that homomania had always been part of the Jewish-American power game to spreads minority-elite-supremacism around the world. Jews pushed homomania to use as proxy of Jewish supremacist power. Jews are a minority elite like the British in India. As such, they are anxious about the majority gentiles rising up. After all, it is not normal for the 2% to rule over the 98%.  Indians got sick of the British and kicked them out.  Of course, British ruled for a long time because Indian diversity was their strength. British Imperialist overlords could use ethnic and religions diversity in India to play divide-and-rule. Likewise, Jews increase diversity in gentile nations to play divide-and-rule among the various goyim. This is why Jews seek to turn every white nation into a majority non-white nation.

Jews also promote homomania because it too is elite-minority-supremacist. If 98% of straight people can be persuaded to worship the 2% that is homo, then the gentile majority is more likely to accept Jewish minority ruling over the gentile majority. For most peoples, it is NOT NORMAL for the minority to rule over the majority. But Jews have pushed homomania to make minority-elite-rule the New Normal. If homo elite rule is accepted as the new-normal, then Jewish elite-rule also has a better chance of being accepted likewise. 

But the fact remains that there are many homos in EU who are hostile to Israel because EU 'leftism' is different from American 'leftism'. Also, there is a chance that even American homos may want to distance themselves from Zionism and Israel. 

As BDS movement heats up in the US and as Mainline churches side with Palestinians, Israel is becoming less and less popular and 'cool'. 

The 'left' is always hungry for a new cause, and there are no more 'great causes' left. There is only Israel and Palestinians. 

So, if the political mood darkens against Israel, will the American homo community just stick with the Jews... or will they join with the Diversity Gang that supports BDS? 

Since homomania is the religion of the West, the homo-blessing counts for a lot. It is decisive in how Americans feel and see the world. 

Many Americans will simply go with whatever has the endorsement of the holy homos. To be blessed by holy homos is better than being blessed by God in the new West. 

Jews groomed homo power to bless and support Israel & Zionism, but what if there is a schism in the homo community? So far, Jewish Homos have dominated the Homo Cause as they have the money and control of homo-organizations. Also, Jewish Homos have received the lion's share of funding from Jewish-run Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Harvard, etc.  

But what if non-Jewish homos don't want homomania to be associated with 'evil imperialist racist Zionism'? 

What if a new sect of homomania joins with BDS and turns against the Jews? 

So, the homo-tug-of-war with BDS and Jews tugging at homomania to own the new religion of the West.

Homomania is a strange hybrid beast. Politically, homomania is associated with the Left(even though the Classic Left had no use for homosexuality and often derided it as a decadent sickness of bourgeois capitalism which allowed most tolerance for homos), but financially and socially, homomania is the pet project of super-capitalists of Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and even Republican big-shots like Koch Brothers. Even Donald Trump is waving the homo flag after Orlando. 

Given that the current Left in the US tends toward pro-BDS and anti-Zionism(for the most part), homomania(as part of leftist cause) should be making common cause against Israel and the Occupation. But because so many of the leaders of homomania are Jewish Zionists and because homomania's success owes to the massive funding by Zionists(in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley), homos are very close to the top 1% that is Jewish and won't condemn the Zionist oppression of Palestinians or Jewish war-mongering in the Middle East that led to deaths of millions. If anything, homo-imperialists have worked side-by-side with Jewish supremacists to destroy Middle East and raise tensions against Russia. 

So, there is bound to be a homo-tug-of-war whereby homos will have to choose between oppressed Palestinians(favored by the Political Left and non-white Diversity crowd) and the super-privileged Jewish Zionists who control many of the elite institutions and industries in America and around the world. 

Jews are funny this way. Though most Jews claim to be leftist, they were happy about troubles of the leftist regimes in Venezuela and Brazil(even though Brazil is a very pro-homo place).  Why would 'leftist' Jews in the US cheer for the downfall of leftist regimes in Latin America and cheer for the rise of neo-liberal 'free market' ideologues? It's because a more independent-minded Venezuela and Brazil sought to loosen itself from American power and grow closer to Russia, Iran, and China, the three independent powers most hated by Jews. Also, Latin American Left happens to be critical of Jewish power and Zionism. Even so-called Jewish Leftists are Jews first and leftist second. 

So, Jewish Leftists put Jewish interests over leftist interest. 

It's like Jewish 'leftists' will work with theocratic Saudi Arabia to destroy modern & secular Arab nations.  Jews take pride in their own modernity and secularism, but they prefer theocratic Saudis over secular modernizing Arab nations. Why? Jews fear Arab modernization and secularization because such can lead to technological challenge to Israel. 

So far, homo imperialists have worked with Zionist-globalists to serve as the proxy of Jewish domination of the world.  For Jews, Russia is the main prize because Jews nearly had possession of Russia before Putin came along and reasserted national sovereignty. 

Jews made a pact with homos on their anti-Russian agenda.

Homos make a fuss about 'human rights' abuses in Russia because homo 'pride' parades aren't allowed on Red Square that Russians reserve to commemorate the sacrifice of 25 million Soviets in the war against Nazi Germany. Such national pride boosts Russian nationalism. Jews seek to break the Russian spirit by turning the haloed Russian soil into a victory parade ground for homo decadence funded by Wall Street and Hollywood. It's all about Jews using homos as proxy of Jewish Supremacist power. 

The big question is how vain are homos in their willingness to work with Jewish imperialists to gain power around the world? After all, homos are no longer just asking for freedom and tolerance but demanding to be served and worshiped.  It'd be like incest-sexuals demanding not only the freedom to be left alone to indulge in incest but demanding that entire city streets be shut down to celebrate Incest 'pride' against 'incestophobia'.


People put down Muslims, but I think it's somewhat unfair. 

I say 'somewhat' cuz Muslims are not my favorite people. I mean they go around in pajamies, grow ugly beards, and scream too much. That's no good. 

But I think we should try to understand why so many are angry. 


What is 'diversity' in America? 

To white rightist types, 'diversity' is white folks losing to tide of color. There is a lot of truth to that. 

But 'diversity' also means people-of-color being made to fight and kill their own kind in their homelands in the service of US imperialism. 

After all, 'diversity' doesn't mean every group in the US has equal share of power. Some groups are MUCH MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Which group has the most power in America? It sure aint Eskimos, Hawaiians, Polish people, Japanese-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans, Scotch-Irish-Americans, etc. 

It is Jews.  They got the power. 

So, 'diversity' means a diverse population of various groups being compelled to serve the Jewish-globalist agenda(that may be against the interests of their own people). 

It just so happens that Jews  have their homeland in the Middle East next to many Arab and/or Muslim nations. And to serve their own interests, Jews have been using wars, sanctions, subversion, and various means to destabilize the whole region.  Millions of Arabs/Muslims have been killed or displaced. 

In 2003 when Iraq was being invaded, a Iraqi-American working next door came over to my workplace and said sadly, "they are destroying my country."  He wasn't a terrorist, but we can understand the bitterness such people feel.  He felt angry but helpless. 'Diversity' meant Jews got to override the interests of other kinds of Americans. Not just white-Americans but Arab-Americans. 

If you were an Iraqi-American serving in the US military, you would be ordered to drop bombs on your own kinfolks back home.  Indeed, all Muslims in the US military must go and kill fellow Muslims if US government orders them to.  

The main reason why Bush II and Obama(and Hillary) say nice things about Islam & Muslims is to use that as cover to keep waging Wars for Israel in Muslim lands. 

So, 'diversity' doesn't mean equal power for all groups. It means all groups coming under the control of the ruling elite in the US that is Jewish(and Homo).  And especially for Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans, 'diversity' means serving Zio-American Power to destroy their kinfolks back in the Middle East.  It is all the more frustrating since Muslims have not been aggressors against the US except as acts of blowback and revenge for Zio-American aggression.

9/11, as terrible as it was, was a retaliation after so much of Zio-US intervention in the Middle East.  

Indeed, how would Polish-Americans feel IF Jewish-controlled America decided to invade Poland and reduce that nation to rubble? Or suppose US used air power to destabilize Poland and then armed terrorist groups to rip that nation apart.  A lot of Polish-Americans would be angry as hell. 

Or suppose the ruling elite of the US were Muslim or Arab.  Suppose Muslims/Arabs controlled the banks, courts, politicians, media, academia, and etc.  And suppose these elites used US foreign policy to attack and destroy and kill hordes of Jews in Israel. 

How would Jewish-Americans feel? Wouldn't some of them be driven to terrorism in way of Irgun? 

So, while I agree that Muslims are a nutty bunch(and shouldn't be invited to the West), we need to address the real problem of 'diversity'.  In America, 'diversity' means all groups must serve Jewish interests.  

This is especially painful to Arabs and Muslims since Jewish agenda is Zionist and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim.  Sure, Jewish power seeks out Muslim collaborators(esp in Saudi Arabia) so as to maintain the facade that the Jewish-American foreign policy is not a Clash of Civilizations between America and the Arab/Muslim world. 

But in fact, American 'diversity' is essentially about Jewish power overriding the interests of all other groups. It means Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans must watch helplessly as the power of the US banks and military is used to destroy nations hated by Israel. And these nations are mostly Arab or Muslim(or Russian). 

And it gets especially jarring when Arab-Americans or Muslim-Americans serving in the US military are ordered to ship out to the Middle East and join with white & black soldiers in the killing of 'muzzies' and 'ragheads'. 

I mean how would a Jewish-American soldier feel in a hypothetical Arab-Muslim-dominated America if the new war policy is for US military to invade Israel and help the Palestinians in the killing and bombing of countless Jews?  How would Jews feel if the US regime funded and armed 'moderate rebels' to attack and destroy Israel with terror? 

How would it feel to a Jewish-American soldier to be ordered to drop bombs and shoot bullets at fellow Jews? Many Jews would grow angry, some would go crazy and strike out at the US military and Americans. Some might turn to terrorism against Americans not unlike Jewish anarchists of old. 

While we should keep the 'ragheads' out of the West, we need to understand their rage in the wider context.  This is something Buchanan and Ron Paul tried to do in their discussion of blowback. 

'Diversity' is not only a Zio-globalist crime against whites. It is also a crime against all victim-nations of Zio-US imperialism.  'Diversity' invites peoples from all over the world and then uses them against their own countrymen.  If Jewish-controlled US declares war on China, all the Chinese-immigrants in business, government, and US military must support US destruction of China. If Jewish-controlled US declares war on Iran, all the Iranian-Americans in government, business, and military must support US destruction of Iran.  

As for Arabs, they've seen so much of US destruction of the Arab world.  So, 'diversity' has been a double-edged sword for them.  In America, they found a better material life. But directly or indirectly, they've been party to the Zionist-American destruction of the ancient lands of their origin. 

Jews use US power to destroy the homelands of both Arabs and Europeans.  Jewish-American policy in the Middle East and North Africa displaced so many Muslims who are now 'refugees', and now, Jews are saying Europe MUST take in these 'refugees' or else they are 'nazis'. 

'Diversity' means both whites and Arabs must serve the Zio-Globo policy of destruction of Arabia and Europa.