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Thursday, August 18, 2016

How Progs Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Warfare State

Globerals made imperialism, militarism, and war-mongering ‘cool’ and ‘hip’.

How? They SJW-ed the US military. By allowing Sikh-Americans to wear turbans, by allowing women into combat, by allowing homos to boof and suck dick in military bases, and by letting trannies to strut around in high heels, the US military has taken on ‘progressive’ sheen.

So, it doesn’t matter if Obama and Hillary are War Criminals who destroyed Libya and Syria. It doesn’t matter if US military is recklessly needling and provoking Russia in the Baltics and Poland.

US military now flies the homo ‘rainbow’ flag as its banner. So, it made imperialism ‘hip’ and ‘cool’.

It is incredible that the very people who marched in the streets by the 100,000s in denunciation of Bush II’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are now cheering for Hillary the War Criminal and the 4 star clown at the Democratic Convention who called for Diversity-Imperialism. You see, US is an ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation because US military might has Muslim soldiers, homos, trannies, and women. Yippie yay. That means whatever the US War Machine does is ‘progressive’ since Army of Diversity does it. So, US militarism is Inclusion-Invasion. A War Machine that is ‘inclusive’ has the right to be invasive. American supremacism(“we are soooo exceptional”) and chauvinism(“we are soooo indispensable”) are wonderful to Libs and Progs as long as US imperialism is seen as ‘progressive’.

I suppose it’s like the French Revolution’s Wars too. Initially, they were defensive and justified. But under Napoleon, they became imperialistic and expansive and jingois-istic.

French Revolution turned into French Empire Building. But because French imperialism became associated with ‘spreading enlightenment’, the French radicals and French masses went along with Napoleon’s mania for expansion and domination.

The very people who once abhorred war as abominable ventures of vain kings and princes were exulting in it as the way to spread Reason.

Even people who should hate and oppose wars love them when wars become associated with their symbols of their cause.

The genius of Bill Clinton was taking GOP ideas on ‘free trade’ and ‘law and order’ and turning them into ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal issues’ by fusing Big Money with Homomania and hipster urban gentrification.

The trick of Obama/Hillary is taking GOP themes of patriotism and militarism(often disdained by Liberals) and making them palatable to the Progs by re-inventing the military into a SJW outfit. With all those trannies, homos, women in combat, and etc., how can Liberals oppose militarism and the War State?

It’s Homo Jima Time.

There is a genius to this because anti-war fury usually came from the left while the right usually supported the military. So, making military into SJW unit was bound to neutralize leftist opposition.
There has been conservative critics of war and US military, but the Right almost never marched in the streets or made a lot of noise about war. Also, even those who opposed the war in principle supported the troops when the war was on.
In contrast, the Left often objected to war in principle and could get very violent in opposition with massive marches and riots.
So, the best way to undermine opposition to the military is by making it palatable to the Left. And Obama and Hillary, under instruction from their Jewish GLOB masters, achieved this by turning the US military into a SJW experiment.
So, even the Progs are now chanting for US war-mongering and going USA USA USA. They don't mind that Obama and Hillary destroyed Libya and Syria. They don't mind their war-mongering in Ukraine. You see, the US military is all about Inclusion, and that means it has right to push Invasion of any nation, especially ones that aren't homomaniacal.

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